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Passengers Corporate
RU Мәзір
  • 127 орын
  • Терминалға дейін 3 мин
P1 Тегін Тегін
  • 127 орын
  • Терминалға дейін 3 мин


  • Entry is allowed with electronic single-entry tickets issued at electronic counters at the parking entrance.

  • Payment in the amount of 100 rubles for single ticket damage and 500 rubles for any loss transfer of the ticket to a third person or violation of the parking rules shall be made at the parking ticket offices (2 floor) at: 56A Bakhchivandzhi st. Ticket offices are located in the long-term parking area.

  • After paying for parking services, the customer (consumer) shall leave the parking area during 15 minutes.

  • For some parking areas as well as for drop off/pick up area, parking subscription is available. For more detailed information please contact parking personnel.

  • The terminal square is monitored by traffic police, any traffic rule violation is automatically recorded.

  • All parking areas are unguarded. Vehicle storage in the parking area shall not be considered as storage agreement contract.
    Koltsovo Airport PSC shall not assume any responsibility for safekeeping of vehicles including, but not limited to, for any loss, theft, damage or violation of the vehicles’ configuration, for the loss, theft of any other property located in the parking area including items left in the vehicle.

  • Persons recognized as disabled in accordance with the law have the right to use and park vehicles only in  designated parking areas.

  • In order to exercise the right for free use of parking areas for vehicles driven by disabled persons, or a vehicle transporting disabled personas and (or) a disabled children, the vehicle shall meet the following requirements:
    a) vehicle information must be entered in the Federal Register of Disabled Persons;
    b) the vehicle shall be marked with “Disabled” identification mark.
    For the privilege please contact packing facility personnel, the call button is located on the packing equipment. If the parking rules are not followed, the service is paid according to the current parking rate.

  • These Rules shall be considered as public offer for parking services, and outline the procedure and its further use. This offer may be changed by Koltsovo Airport PSC at any time without any prior notice. Any single entry parking  ticket purchased by any person shall be treated as acceptance of this offer considered as the parking service agreement between the entering person (customer) and Koltsovo PSC. 

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