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Transfer program, marketing support

The Koltsovo Airport is interested in successful operation of airlines on the Ekaterinburg market and in development of long-term and sustainable relations.

We have complete information about status, dynamics and trends of the transportation market and detailed statistical data. Developed mathematical forecasting models are available at our disposal, with many recognized airlines successfully developing and continuing to develop their programs according to outcomes of models.

We have information about the region and adjacent areas. We established interaction with the network of agents, tourist community, overland transport organizations and many other entities.

Koltsovo specialists are ready to take part in exploring items of interest for you and perform an independent appraisal of commercial risks.

The airport is ready to participate in exploring and fixing selected destinations either at the planning stage (timetable, transfers, frequencies and capacities) and at the flight stage, including by assuming a portion of risk — offering significant discounts for ground services.

We are pleased to communicate and are ready to offer any required assistance and consultations.

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